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False Ceiling Contractor

Shree Interior, we take the False Ceiling Contractor in Navi Mumbai and we have been working professionally in False Ceiling at your Home. We likewise do Commercial Renovation and Residential Renovation and in addition finish, Turnkey Solutions since the most recent couple of years all finished Maharashtra.


A Building can't be known as a building unless and until the point that it gets the ideal makeover past improvement works. Since recent years inside enrichment is produced into an unmistakable industry with new and new business visionaries entering the market relatively consistently. We have been functioning as a False Ceiling Contractors in Navi Mumbai.

Our USPs

What does false ceiling actually mean?

  • Stylishly appealing

  • In-tuned with the building shell

  • Good quality raw materials

  • Plaster of Paris (POP) & Gypsum Board


Earth being the backbone of life on earth, in the same way, we can't deny from the inscrutable fact that concrete, cement and steel structure are basic components of a building. The strength of a building depends upon the quality of raw materials used. It is recommended to use best quality raw materials to make yourself liberal from unnecessary obstacles and maintenance costs. When you are done using excellent materials now it's time to design the internal structure of your building to maintain gracefulness and serenity. There are various things you must be aware of while designing a building. The false ceiling is one of the important parameters to be considered while designing.

The false ceiling is the second layer of the roof suspended from the main roof with the assistance of wooden or metal frame. It is a ceiling made beneath the main ceiling of the building or room. It is hung or fixed in the framework made up of GI sections or wooden batten or Aluminum fixed with the main ceiling. It is fixed at a minimum distance of 5 inches from the main ceiling. It is stable of modern construction and architecture in both residential and commercial designing.

Various names of the false ceiling:-

The false ceiling is waived by various names like:-

  • The bar ceiling

  • Suspended ceiling

  • Grid ceiling

  • Drop in ceiling

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